Students, teachers create George Floyd tribute on Richfield fence

Students and teachers in Richfield, Minnesota are finding artistic ways to express themselves following the death of George Floyd.

They’re creating a display on the fence that separates their school from the neighborhood.

The staff, students, and former students at the South Education Center in Richfield started decorating their fence using ribbons, strips of torn up blue jeans, and cloth to support the memory of George Floyd. The group said their message is one of racial equity and unity.

“We’re putting out the name George Floyd further down and we got a couple of hearts with some fabric, and doing what we can with the resources that we have,” said Matt Alhberg.

“I want them to see that it’s more than just white vs. black and races vs. everybody else. I want them to know that this is about us being a community and coming together in kind of a hardship,” former student Sydnee Armstrong added.

South Education Center Student Safety Coach Marcu Whitlock said she hopes the effort renews a sense of community at school.

“If you think about it, there was a point and time in American history where the school house was the centerpoint of the community. I don’t know what point in time that focal point changed, but I know that we wanted to have a positive impact and a positive outlook on the community in which we serve because the students that attend our school come from this community.  And it’s important to us as a school and as educators to have a positive impact on this community because this is where we live.”