Students create massive murals at Minneapolis middle school

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A group of students, with help from their art teacher, have created four amazing and massive murals on the sides of a Minneapolis middle school.

At Justice Page in Minneapolis, art teacher Elissa Cedarleaf Dahl is hoping a fresh coat of paint can help people connect with the kids inside the building.

"We're going beyond just putting new words on a monument sign, or new stickers on a building," Cedarleaf Dahl said. "We're proclaiming our new identity, our identity as Justice Page through these murals."

The massive murals on the sides of the building show all those that pass by what this school - and these students - is all about.

"One person cannot make a mural," Cedarleaf Dahl said. "In this case, the collaborative aspect of this is one of the most important piece in terms of what we’ve learned.”

The 220 students in Elissa’s mural class created these with help from Justice Alan Page himself. They came up with the ideas, the designs and color schemes.

"It makes me happy to see that I put a bunch of effort into this, and now people are going to see it," student Katya Pett said.

Three years ago, the school was renamed from Ramsey to Justice Page. Today, his portrait, along with some of the students’, decorate the walls.

"He loves it, and was just kind of in awe," said Aaron Musickant, who worked on the project.

"He is our namesake and so much more than that," Cedarleaf Dahl added.

The memory of his late wife is an integral part of the artwork.

"I like how we added a little flower to remember Diane Page, I thought that was nice," Pett said.

And the legacy of the students that walk the halls is forever displayed on the brick that holds Justice Page together.

The school will be hosting a mural celebration on Sept. 6 at 9 a.m.