Stray bullet nearly hits boy mixing Kool-Aid in St. Paul kitchen

A stray bullet flew into a St. Paul home Tuesday night as a 10-year-old boy was standing in the kitchen, mixing Kool-Aid. According to St. Paul police, the incident happened just before 10:30 p.m. near the intersection of Albemarle Street and Wayzata Street.

About a dozen people were at the home at the time, many on the front porch, when bullets started flying. One of those bullets went through the glass of the kitchen window, where 10-year-old Stephan Jackson was mixing a glass of Kool-Aid. He quickly got his head down and hid under the kitchen table.

A total of 12 family members were at the home at the time, half of them children -- the youngest just 18 months old. Stephan's dad describes how it all unfolded from where he was standing on the porch holding his daughter.
“All of a sudden all hell broke loose,” he said. “You could hear the dude. I didn’t see the guy. None of us saw anyone. All I know is the shooting started over there – bang, bang bang, bang. Then another retaliation -- you could hear another bang, bang, bang and I could just hear the bullets zing, zing, zing.”

St. Paul police point out another car unrelated to this family also had its window shot out. They say both the owner of the car and the people at the house were unintended targets.

Investigators canvassed the area both Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, and are in the process of collecting any video they can find. At this point, no arrests have been made.

The family is frustrated because they say this street light has not been working for some time. The city of St. Paul says they will have someone out Wednesday night to take a look after dark and get it fixed immediately.