Stone Arch Bridge shooting victim was struck by stray bullet leaving a wedding party

The man seriously hurt in a shooting near the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis was an innocent bystander who was shot in the head by a stray bullet outside a wedding celebration, a distance from a rowdy gathering down the street, his family says in a statement.

According to the family, 34-year-old Tyler King was in Minneapolis, where he grew up, on vacation from Nashville when he was shot. He was in town to visit family and attend his sister's wedding.

Saturday night, friends and family got together to celebrate the marriage. The family says at one point in the evening, King and his brother-in-law left the residence to walk a woman to her car, to ensure she got home safe. The family says the block they were on was quiet, but a few blocks away they noticed a large gathering.

As they were walking, police say the group heard around 30 gunshots ring out, with one striking King in the head.

Minneapolis police say shots were fired around 11 p.m. during a large "unofficial" gathering near Main Street SE and Sixth Avenue SE. Police say a crowd of people and vehicles had pulled up in the area prior to shots being fired. King's family has raised issue with how police described the shooting as happening at a large gathering when he was struck a distance away.

A photo of Tyler Kline superimposed onto a photo from the crime scene

Tyler King was struck by a stray bullet while leaving a family gathering in Minneapolis. (FOX 9)

Along with King, police say a 17-year-old girl, an 18-year-old woman, and a 19-year-old man were injured in the shooting. Police say those teens were either in the gathering or near the gathering when shots were fired.

The family says King is starting his long road to recovery while they are praying for a miracle recovery. A GoFundMe has been created to help the family pay the costs of his treatment.