Stillwater prison warden on leave previously disciplined

As Stillwater prison Warden Steve Hammer remains on "investigative leave," Fox 9 is learning more about some disciplinary action he's faced in the past.

Through the Freedom of Information Act, Fox 9 obtained Steve Hammer's employment history and also two letters Hammer received from supervisors. 

On Monday, Aug. 29, Hammer was placed on investigative leave.  For now though, it remains a mystery as to why.  But older disciplinary actions against Hammer are laid out in black and white.

In 2003, when Hammer was the acting assistant superintendent at the correctional facility in Red Wing, he received a one-day suspension. 

This memorandum states there were "allegations of inappropriate conduct and sexual harassment."  In the note, Hammer admitted to a "flirtatious email/phone conversation thing once in awhile." But it's stated in the memo that Hammer's "conduct, and its negative effects, was cumulative" and that his behavior was "inappropriate."

He served that one-day suspension on March 18 in 2003.

But that's not all. Just two years ago in 2014, while Hammer was the warden at the Rush City correctional facility he received "a written reprimand." 

Hammer admitted to a "romantic relationship" with an employee. In the reprimand, it stated that his actions have caused "staff to question their confidence, trust and respect for the office of the warden."  He was ordered to have only "incidental contact" with the employee.
Hammer started with the Minnesota Department of Corrections in 1991 and rose through the ranks, serving as warden in Stillwater for the last year and a half. He makes almost $134 thousand a year.

The Department of Corrections confirms that it is handling the investigation, so there appears to be no outside criminal probe.