Stillwater father opens bait shop to help son with special needs

For Will Isaacson, opening his own bait shop is a dream come true.

Not only is Walleye Willies Bait and Tackle already reeling in customers, but it will also soon provide a golden opportunity for Isaacson's golden years.

"I had been talking about it for a long time and my wife said 'I'm sick of hearing you talk about it all the time. Go out and buy that expensive bait tank', And then she said 'You are going to have to open up a bait shop," Isaacson told FOX 9.

In addition to selling just about anything anyone would ever need to go fishing, there's a lounge area for customers and Isaacson's son William to hang out.

William has Down Syndrome and Autism and Isaacson is hooked on the idea of bringing William to work with him every day after he retires sometime next year.

"That's a dream. He's got a place to go with me. I know he's going to be taken care of. I know he's being supervised and he's going to have some chores he's going to have to as well," said Isaacson.

"If it wasn't for this place, we don't know where he would be. Some kids go to group homes, things like that, but if my dad can bring him here every day and retire, William can be in care 24/7, which is really what he needs," said Isaacson's daughter Sydney. 

Customers who bring in someone with special needs get a special deal.

"We have the Chromey Homey 23% discount with down syndrome, with the 23rd chromosome. So we decided we would do a 23% discount," said Isaacson.

Isaacson says he's been sober for nearly 10 years, but being able to share his passion for fishing with his family is the thing that will keep him afloat.

"I would probably do this until I die. This is long term," said Isaacson.