State Patrol sergeant thanked for saving dog in western Minnesota crash

Sgt. Jesse Grabow with the Minnesota State Patrol helped save a dog that was ejected from a car during a crash in western Minnesota in December 2017.

A sergeant with the Minnesota State Patrol was recently thanked for saving a dog that was ejected during a crash two years ago.

According to Sgt. Jesse Grabow, the dog's owner sent him a holiday card along with the leash Grabow lent them during the rescue.

Back in December 2017, Sgt. Grabow responded to a crash on Interstate 94 in Rothsay where a vehicle had spun out and was struck by a semi truck. Grabow said all drivers were wearing seat belts and escaped without injuries, but the dog was ejected and ran off from the crash scene.

Grabow said he went looking for the dog, Roo, on some of the gravel roads near the interstate. There, he spotted Roo and was able to get him in his squad. He then reunited the dog with its owner.

"I borrowed out a spare dog leash I keep in my squad to help with dealing with pets on occasion and forgot they even had it. Recently, I received a very nice letter in the mail thanking me again, letting me know I am in their thoughts over the holidays and telling me how they were all doing since the crash, along with the dog leash," he said in an email to FOX 9.