State Patrol: 88 citations, warnings for 'slowpoke law' violations in 1st 10 days

In the first 10 days of Minnesota’s revised left-lane driving law, also known as the “slowpoke law,”, state troopers have written 88 citations and warnings to drivers for left lane violations, the Minnesota State Patrol reported. 

The revised law, which went into effect on Aug. 1, prohibits drivers from lingering in the left lane, except to pass other vehicles. The fine for failing to move right is $50. 

The State Patrol previously told FOX 9 troopers would not aggressively enforce the law. 

Minnesota’s new hands-free driving law also went into effect at the beginning of August, which bans driving from holding their phone in their vehicle. Drivers must now rely on voice commands to make a phone call, send texts or use their GPS while driving. 

The State Patrol said Tuesday that troopers have written 740 citations and warnings for the hands-free law so far.