State of the City: Mayor Frey wants to use federal funds for crime prevention

Mayor Frey (Supplied)

Mayor Jacob Frey outlined how he wants the city to spend the remaining $43 million in funds the city got from the American Rescue Plan Act last year, during his State of the City on Tuesday.

Among his priorities, the mayor wants to spend $2.5 million on helping low-to-middle income residents buy homes, another $1 million to plant 200,000 new trees, and $3.5 million to support Native American organizations in late activist Clyde Bellecourt's name.

But, a main focus of Frey's plan for the funds is to combat crime through preventative measures.

Frey plans to spend $1 million to expand the Minneapolis Police Department's fleet of mobile cameras and lighting for crime hotspots. Frey's office says the cameras will be able to be viewed in real time, giving aid to police responding to and investigating crimes in the city.

Frey also wants to use $1 million to "accelerate" streetlight repairs in Minneapolis and to covert 150 lights long West Broadway and Lake Street to LED lighting. The city also plans to install 50 new lights around schools for "students who are increasingly walking and biking to school."