Mpls Mayor Frey on Timberwolves Game 2 block party

FOX 9’s Hannah Flood chats with Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey about the recent changes to the city to celebrate the Timberwolves and an upcoming event. Fans can join a block party in downtown Minneapolis on Friday to cheer on and watch Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals, where the Timberwolves take on the Dallas Mavericks.

Mayor Frey talks downtown hype for Wolves Game 3

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey speaks with FOX 9's Hannah Flood at Target Center ahead of the Timberwolves Game 3 vs. the Nuggets. Frey speaks on the influx to downtown Minneapolis ahead of the big game.

Mayor Jacob Frey vetoes rideshare ordinance [RAW]

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey vetoed an ordinance on Friday that would give rideshare drivers minimum wage starting on May 1. Companies Uber and Lyft have warned they will leave the Twin Cities if it passes.

Minneapolis Mayor Frey on Uber/Lyft proposal [RAW]

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey spoke Wednesday about the City Council's Uber/Lyft ordinance proposal, which has the rideshare companies threatening to pull out of the city. The Minneapolis City Council votes on Thursday on the ordinance.

Minneapolis City Council: Safe encampments, rideshare wages and more

The Minneapolis City Council has signaled a wide swath of priorities it will hope to tackle for city residents, including potentially creating "safe spaces" for homeless encampments, giving more power to voters, guaranteeing a minimum wage for Uber and Lyft drivers and more.

Encampment residents suing Minneapolis Mayor

A lawsuit has been filed against Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey on behalf of people living in a homeless encampment in an effort to postpone an eviction they believe is unjust.

Homeless encampment residents sue mayor

Residents of a homeless encampment in Minneapolis are suing Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey in an effort to stop an eviction at what’s known as the Nenookaasi healing center.