St. Paul Police: Woman killed in domestic dispute, man arrested

There are growing concerns in a St. Paul neighborhood this weekend after two people were killed over the span of just two days. Both victims were women, the first in her thirties and the second in her late sixties.

St. Paul Police have made arrests in connection to both homicides, but it doesn’t do a lot to ease the minds of neighbors in the area.

"I just got off the phone with my mom, I don’t know if I’ll even let her know about this because the last thing I want is my family freaking out too," neighbor Jared Starr told FOX 9 on Sunday.

He’s still wrapping his head around what is happening on his side of St. Paul, after moving into his home there two weeks ago.

Around midnight on Saturday, a woman in her early thirties was shot dead just down the street from Jared Starr’s home on Lyton Place.

"I’m going to be a little bit more cautious now when I leave the house, or when I walk down the street," Starr said.

Other neighbors told FOX 9 just before the shooting they heard an argument, followed by at least one gunshot. They rushed outside to find the woman dead on the side of the road.

Later in the day, police arrested a 35-year-old man in connection to the killing.

But, barely 24 hours later, and less than 10 minutes away in the North End neighborhood, St Paul police are describing another homicide this weekend as a "disturbing scene."

It happened at a home in the 1400 block of Dale Street North.

Just after midnight on Sunday a 67-year-old woman there was found badly beaten. She was pronounced dead at the scene and a 66-year-old man on scene was arrested.

Neighbor Shelley Harrington has lived just a few doors down from the home for 26 years. She didn’t hear or see anything as it happened, but not long after she knew something was wrong, "friends that know where we live [were texting] throughout the night saying you know it’s getting too close to home why are you still living in that area?" Harrington said. "Hopefully our judicial system will help keep our people protected from people that could do something like that to someone else."

Twenty-three days into January, the killings mark the fourth and fifth homicides of the year in St. Paul.