St. Paul plans to plow this week, asks residents to move vehicles

Both Minneapolis and St. Paul plan to use a slight warm-up this week as an opportunity to better clear snow on its residential streets after complaints from its residents, the cities said in notices issued on Sunday.

While this is not a snow emergency, the city is asking residents to obey some parking restrictions over the coming week.

Those include:

  • Tuesday, January 17 — North side (odd-numbered side) of east-west residential streets
  • Wednesday, January 18 — South side (even-numbered side) of east-west residential streets
  • Thursday, January 19 — East side (even-numbered side) of north-south residential streets
  • Friday, January 20 — West side (odd-numbered side) of north-south residential streets

"This citywide residential plowing effort is extremely critical to keep Saint Paul’s side streets safe and passible as we try to widen and clean up our streets," said Director of Saint Paul Public Works Sean Kershaw in a release. "It is only mid-January and we are getting close to season average snowfall totals. There is a lot of winter still to come." 

In a release posted on Sunday, Minneapolis also said it would focus on plowing efforts this week. However, Minneapolis says it is posting one-sided parking on the streets they are targeting.

Public Works will be working with the Minneapolis Fire Department to prioritize key areas that are challenging for emergency vehicles to access and will continue to post one-side parking in those areas, according to the announcement.