St. Paul Park family grieves after dog hit by Amazon driver

This month, a St. Paul Park dog owner feels like she’s been left with a hole in her heart, after her emotional support animal was hit and killed by an Amazon delivery driver on June 11.

The 3-year-old pit bull mix named Milo was killed instantly in the crash just outside of their family’s home.

"I was just really astounded," owner Mercedes Klein told FOX 9 on Monday. "It was so loud and you can hear him cry and he was a 90-pound dog."

She believes an Amazon delivery driver was driving too fast through her neighborhood when her pit bull mix ran out into the road and was struck, "And then he drug him all the way down …  underneath his car," Klein said.

Amazon sent FOX 9 a statement on Monday: "Our heart goes out to Milo’s family. While nothing can replace the loss of a beloved pet, we have reached out to Milo’s owner to find out how we can help during this difficult time." 

But Klein says Amazon apologized by sending her a do-it-yourself pet memorial kit, "it was just kind of very insensitive." And then asking how much she would like to be compensated, "It’s kind of hard to put a value to 10 years of my dog’s life. He was very much a necessity to my everyday life," Klein said.

Klein says Milo was a necessity because he served as an emotional support animal for her. She is a Marine veteran who is now transitioning to civilian life.

"He was literally my kid, he just knew when mom was sad, he knew when mom needed help," Klein said. "I want my dog back.

As she continues to battle the grief, the hardest thing to get past is the driver’s decision to drive away after the collision. Amazon says the driver is no longer delivering packages for the company.