St. Paul City Council set to vote on tax hike ballot questions

St. Paul homeowners have seen their taxes rise significantly in the last year. And now, city council members could take steps to increase them even more.

On Wednesday, St. Paul city council members will vote on whether or not to add two questions to upcoming citywide election ballots. The answers could increase taxes for residents even more.

The first question for 2023 proposes increasing the city portion of sales tax by 1% and using that money for the maintenance and improvement of St. Paul’s roads and parks.

Without this sales tax increase from 0.5% to 1.5%, the city suggests these improvements would instead be funded by property tax increases.

Then, a second question, this one for 2024, proposes a 10-year property tax levy to fund early childcare initiatives, with low-income residents prioritized as recipients of the money.

Mayor Melvin Carter, who wasn't available Tuesday for an interview, has concerns about these proposals, according to his office.