'Help me arrest this guy': TikTok influencer trying to track down serial thief

TikToker Evan Kail, known as Pawn Man online, is trying to track down a thief in St. Louis Park. (FOX 9)

A social media influencer on TikTok is using the app to try to put away a serial thief.

The content creator who runs a pawnshop in St. Louis Park has created a video that's gotten more than 200,000 views trying to track down the crook.

"He’s been going around the Twin Cities metro in a series of brazen robberies," Evan Kail tells his audience in one of three videos. "Come on internet, do your thing. Help me arrest this guy."

"I’ve had experience with the power of my social media audience and it’s like, I can use them for good. I want to get this guy off the streets,." Kail said. 

Known as "Pawn Man" on social media, Kail has amassed a large following with his videos about vintage coins that enter his store. He started posting about the thefts after hearing from several pawn shop owners who had been victimized by a man of similar description. In most cases, he pretends to be interested in buying, and when the clerk turns away he grabs the items and takes off.

Fox 9 received surveillance video from three different stores and talked to victims in six different cities, all who say the guy in the TikTok video stole from them too.

"It seems like we got him and yet I can’t get anyone to care," said Kail who claims local police haven’t been receptive to his claims.

In a statement, St. Louis Park Police said, "SLPPD previously followed up on information provided by this individual to the police department and found it to be inaccurate related to Bravo Jewelers, according to the facts of the investigation."

Manuel Contreres runs a collectables store in Stillwater. Last week, a man matching the look and description in other recent thefts stole two gold coins valued at over $1,000. He believes it’s the man Kail is trying to catch.

"15 seconds, 20 seconds maybe and it was gone," explained Manuel Contreres of Rose's in Stillwater. "I think this guys dangerous and I don’t want to see anyone get hurt."

Stillwater Police said they are investigating the theft at Contreres store, and are now working with other agencies that may have cases involving the same suspect.

"Police may not be able to catch him but if I can crowd source and use my audience to identify him and put a catchy name affiliated with his crimes that makes people talk about it," said Kail.