St. Louis Park may allow breweries to serve food

A tray of beer sits on a table at a restaurant. (FOX 9)

The St. Louis Park City Council is weighing a change that would allow breweries and cocktail rooms to serve food.

Currently, the St. Louis Park city code doesn't allow restaurants at breweries with taproom licenses or micro-distilleries with a cocktail room license. However, some establishments invite food trucks to set up shop nearby as an end-around to the restriction.

The change being reviewed by the council would remove those restrictions, opening the door for restaurants to open up in those establishments.

According to a city report, St. Louis Park is one of a few west-metro cities that don't allow restaurants at breweries.

Tuesday night, the council discussed the potential change, with council members showing support for the change..

Members are set to take up the item again during a Feb. 5 council meeting. If approved, the council expects the change to go into effect by the start of March.