St. Croix Casino Lodge catches fire, no injuries

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Courtesy of H.D. Mac.

The St. Croix Casino Lodge caught on fire on Saturday, in Danbury, Wisconsin.

Drew Skeen, the Chief Operating Officer for the St. Croix Casino Properties told Fox 9 that no injuries were reported. Paramedics were on scene, but no one needed to be checked for smoke inhalation or burns.

According to Skeen, fire officials believe the fire started in the sauna, in the pool room around 1:30 p.m. The room has a cedar ceiling and wooden wall panels.

Though the flames were heavy in the pool area, damage to the rest of the hotel was minimal. Only rooms immediately adjacent to the pool room were affected.

The lodge had 23 of the 49 rooms rented. Skeen said nearly every guest had been relocated to a new hotel, and was given free meals at local restaurants.

Fire marshals will be on the scene to help people locate their belongings safely.

The St. Croix Casino Lodge is across the street from the St. Croix Casino.