South Minneapolis barbershop offers free haircuts for the homeless for March

A south Minneapolis barbershop’s effort to help the homeless this month is getting some buzz.

A meaningful encounter inspired Anthony Gulyard Jr. of One 21 Barbers to offer free haircuts to the homeless the rest of the March.

"It feels amazing,” said Guyard. “It feels humbling. I feel like I'm doing a good deed."

Gulyard and his wife were cleaning up at the barbershop on Sunday when a man who hangs out in the park across the street came in and asked how Gulyard felt about giving a free haircut to a homeless guy. The man said he didn't want a handout and could pay after the first of the month, but Gulyard told him he didn't want his money and to come back when they are open on Tuesday.

"He said he didn't want to look like a bum,” said Gulyard. “I kind of laughed, but I understood what he was saying. He wanted to look clean and the haircut is more than a haircut if that makes sense. It helps you feel good about yourself. Even if you are going through a rough time, a haircut can go a long way."

During his haircut a couple of days later, Gulyard says the man talked for an hour about how he became homeless and how he was trying to get back on his feet. Gulyard was so moved, he decided to offer free haircuts to the homeless for the rest of the month.

"A lot of people my age, millennials, don't like to give back,” said Gulyard. “I just want to do something to give back to my community."

So far, Gulyard hasn't had any takers on his offer, but he says you don't have to have a roof over your head to have a good hair day.

"We don't care about your status,” he said. “We just want to get you in and hopefully make you feel a little better about yourself."

Gulyard posted a story about the experience on Facebook Tuesday. So far, it has received more than 600 likes and been shared more than 200 times.