Son of Twins' great Bert Blyleven in crowd during Las Vegas shooting

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After a harrowing night on the Las Vegas strip, Todd Blyleven knows he's among the lucky ones. 

Todd, son of former Twins' pitcher and current commentator Bert Blyleven, and his wife were at the Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival when shots broke out, killing 59 people and injuring well over 500. It was the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

"All you heard were popping noises," Blyleven said. "We ran like crazy. It was like a war scene. It was something nobody should have to experience."

But in this instance, the instinct to run matched the instinct to help as Todd got his family to safety and headed back into the melee to get the injured out. 

"It wasn't just me. Others said, 'Let's go!' and I started grabbing the injured," he said. "I remember there was a lady with a gunshot wound to the leg trying to hobble out."

It was incredibly dangerous, but it's what he would have wanted if he or his family had been hurt.

"I just knew someone needed help," he said. "I just had to help."