'Silent march' in Minneapolis pushes for justice for George Floyd

A march that moved through the streets of Minneapolis on July Fourth pushed for justice in the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

Marchers gathered Saturday evening outside U.S. Bank Stadium for the rally. Around 8:30 p.m., protesters began moving through downtown Minneapolis through the night to call for justice without making a sound.

As opposed to normal rallies, where chants are heard loud and clear, marchers on Saturday moved quietly, with some raising their arms as a show of solidarity. As the group moved through the city, they made stops where everyone kneeled in Floyd's memory.

"I think people have to make a decision for themselves that this is important," said organizer Royce White. "They have to make a decision for themselves that the America they see is not the America they would like to live in. That the injustices of people of color, of black men, have been too far unattended to in any meaningful way and that we need every single person in this fight."

The rally was one of several held on Saturday on the Fourth of July.