'Show us your cats': Cat lovers unite for walking cat tour in Minneapolis neighborhood

After a successful walking cat tour in the Wedge neighborhood of Minneapolis earlier this summer, cat lovers were at it again.

Thursday night, people gathered in the Whittier neighborhood, moving door-to-door, for more cat watching. The event, hosted by Wedge LIVE, coincides with International Cat Day.

Cat Tour 2019 is all about spotting the furry felines wherever they may be. John Edwards is the brainchild behind these tours. It’s the third year he’s organized them. There’s always one in the Wedge, and one in the Whittier neighborhood, a few blocks away.

“People like cats, there’s a lot of good old apt buildings in Whittier,” said John Edwards “It’s a good way to appreciate the housing stock in the neighborhood, appreciate cats get people outside and walking.”

Some walking Thursday have walked before while others are new to the joy of spotting their first cat on the tour -- and some rank this as one of the best tours they’ve done, period. But, at the end of the day, it’s an opportunity for members of the community to come together for some fun.

“Great cats, great people, it’s magical,” said Mariana Haworth.

“A cat tour is just a way to meet your neighbors and go out in the community and meet people with animals and pets,” said Kelsey Bank.

But you may just have to walk it yourself to fully understand.