Sheriff: Man suspected of stealing 100-plus catalytic converters in Minnesota and Iowa

A Dodge Center, Minnesota man is suspected of stealing more than 100 catalytic converters in Minnesota and Iowa, according to a set of charges filed on Thursday and local reports.

Shawn Clement, age 36, is charged with two separate criminal complaints in Olmsted County connected to an incident on November 28.

According to the charges, the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office was called out to the Oak Summit Golf Course in High Forest Township for a property damage call.

At the course, witnesses said it appeared a pick-up truck had driven off Highway 30 and onto the course, causing damage along with tee box 10 and a neighboring bean field. The next day, deputies responded to the same area for the report of papers found near the golf course, behind a neighboring business, that had Clement's name on them.

At the business, an auto shop, deputies had also received a report of five catalytic converter thefts.

Using parts numbers from damaged pieces of the truck found at the golf course, deputies were also able to determine the parts had been bought at a tire shop by Clement.

During a search at a property belonging to Clement, they found his damaged truck along with "numerous catalytic converters" along with tools believed to be stolen from a burglary in Stewartville. Using part numbers, deputies say they were able to trace back one of the catalytic converters to the auto shop near the golf course.

Speaking with KIMT, the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office says Clement is believed to be involved in more than 100 catalytic converter thefts in Minnesota and Iowa. But, right now, they are focusing on the provable incidents.

Clement faces property damage charges for the damage at the golf course and charges of theft and possession of stolen property for the catalytic converter thefts.