Senior citizens get the summer camp experience—if only for a day

For many of us here in Minnesota, summertime is often filled with trips to the lake. But as we get older, lake fun becomes a little more challenging.

A senior care center in Burnsville, however, says it's worth the planning to make a day at the cabin every year a reality for its elderly residents.

There are no fast movers in this group, but that's okay with everyone--a day at Camp Friendship is worth the wait.

The best part, residents and planners say, is all the childhood stories of life on the lake.

"This is what they remember doing with their family," organizer Emily Meyers said. "They remember going out on the boat and fishing. They remember going swimming in the lake, they remember sitting on the beach, campfires, making s'mores, singing songs--like when they were kids."

The day is also open to friends and family members who miss spending time on the lake with their loved ones.

And even though it's just for one day, everyone involved says it's all worth it to give everyone a few moments of freedom out on the water.