‘Senior assassin’ detained, Brooklyn Park PD warn of student games

Authorities in Brooklyn Park are urging parents and community members to discuss the dangers of a particular game popular among high school students that could potentially put them in conflict with the law.

According to the Brooklyn Park Police Department, around 6:45 a.m. on Tuesday morning, officers responded to a report of someone dressed in camouflage "carrying a long gun, and walking through yards" in the 10500 block of Noble Circle North.

Police began a search of the area with help from a drone, when a person matching the description given was located, then detained.

An investigation by police determined the person had been participating in a game known as "senior assassin" involving high school students tagging each other using projectile-firing guns, police said.

FOX 9 has previously covered communities dealing with similar games, such as Nerf Wars, becoming popular among students.

Brooklyn Park Police have since released a statement reminding people, "the presence of individuals carrying firearm look-alikes within Brooklyn Park is a crime."