Sen. Klobuchar outlines how Minn. can improve election infrastructure

Sen. Amy Klobuchar met with local election officials and a cybersecurity expert to outline new ways the state can increase security to improve election infrastructure Thursday morning. 

There is little doubt in Washington that Russian hackers tried to break into election systems of at least 21 states, including Minnesota. 

Thursday, Klobuchar announced new funding that would help lawmakers improve the states’ election infrastructure and protect it from future attacks. 

Klobuchar was a co-sponsor of the “Secure Election Act” that President Donald Trump signed last Friday, a plan that will provide $385 million for states to protect against foreign interference in future elections. Minnesota will receive $6.5 million. The money will be available on May 17. 

Minnesota’s legislative auditor released a report in March which found Minnesota’s aging voter registration system is in need of a security upgrade. Secretary of State Steve Simon agreed, saying the 14-year-old computer system needs to be improved to help prevent election hacking. 

The funds provided will be available for states to upgrade voting machines, improve election auditing and strengthen cyber security.