Semi-truck drives onto Lake Minnetonka Saturday

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Photo credit: Jeremy Elshaug

A semi-truck inadvertently drove onto Lake Minnetonka Saturday.

According to the Hennepin County Water Patrol, the driver was reportedly making a delivery to a resident on the lake when he drove onto the snow-covered ice.

Pictures of the incident show the yellow cab and white trailer stuck in the snow on Carson Bay near Deephaven and Shorewood, Minn. With the help of some bystanders, the vehicle left the ice and returned to safety just after 2 p.m. 

According to Jeremy Elshaug, who was on the lake checking on his fish house, he and some other ice-goers helped the truck driver dig out the rig. Elshaug then used his pickup truck to pull the truck to a less snowy area.

There were no injuries or damage reported in the incident and the driver was even seen smiling about it with Elshaug in a picture after he was freed.

Sgt. Rick Waldon of the Hennepin Water Patrol said the incident could have been much worse given the weight of the truck.