Search for missing Mankato mother continues 6 years later

Aneisah Khan's life has changed a lot over the last few years. She graduated from college, started a new career and welcomed a son into the world.

All of those milestones came and went without her mom, Wendy, by her side.

"It's 6 answers, not even leads, nothing. I cannot wrap my head around for almost 6 years, someone can vanish out of thin air," said Khan. 

The disappearance of Wendy Khan is the only active missing persons case in the entire city of Mankato, and it's remained a total mystery since Wendy vanished nearly six years ago. Aneisah tells FOX 9 her mom had struggled with mental health issues in the past but doesn't believe that's the reason why she disappeared.

The last time Aneisah had contact with her mom was on June 1, 2018. Wendy was in a fight with her on-again, off-again boyfriend and was on the verge of moving out, but their communication suddenly stopped.

Aneisah reported her missing to the police a day later. Shortly after that, Wendy's car was found abandoned in the back of a Mankato CVS store with a slashed tire. Investigators didn't find anything unusual inside her car or the home she shared with her boyfriend. Wendy's purse and cell phone have never been located.

Mankato Police Commander Jeremy Clifton says there’s been no sign of foul play and that's one of the reasons this case has remained a missing persons investigation and not a criminal one.

Detectives checked Wendy's credit cards, cell phones, bank accounts, even entering her into the National Database of Missing Persons and still, nothing. Sightings reported in other states all turned out to be false as her flyer still hangs at Clifton's desk.

But Aneisah says the case wasn't immediately taken seriously by investigators more than five years ago.

"[A police officer] was looking through the text messages between me and my mom, and she was basically blowing it off, saying my mom is playing the victim, saying she's an adult she can do whatever she wants," said Aneisah. 

Now, she's feeling a similar sense of confusion over what to do next, "I'm at a loss, I guess, of what the next steps are. I feel like I should have more guidance, whether that's from Mankato PD, or investigators," added Aneisah. 

"There's been a tremendous amount of look into Wendy's life. There is mountains of paper, so the most frustrating thing is that nothing has been fruitful yet," said Clifton. 

After six years with no contact and no trace of Wendy, it's impossible for Aneisah not to consider the worst-case scenario.

"I think someone hurt her. Is she lying in a ditch somewhere?," said Aneisah. 

The Mankato Police Department has not publicly named any suspects or persons of interest in this case, but investigators there believe a tip could be the key to cracking this case. 

If you have any information on Wendy Khan's disappearance, contact Mankato Police.