Science Museum of Minnesota receives big grant from NASA

NASA has awarded $14.5 million dollars to the Science Museum of Minnesota over the next five years in a national effort to promote space and Earth sciences.

The science museum will spearhead the Space and Earth Informal STEM Education (SEISE) project, partnering with other organizations across the country including Arizona State, the museum of science in Boston, the University of California, and Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science and Space Sciences Laboratory.  According to the science museum, this will put Minnesota at the forefront of inspiring the next generation of science explorers.

“NASA’s programs are exciting and critical to our nation’s future for space exploration and scientific learning. The Science Museum is a proven leader at making science concepts inspirational and easy-to-understand through programs and activities.” Said Alison Rempel Brown, president of the Science Museum of Minnesota.

This new contract is not the first time NASA has awarded the museum, but it is one of the largest ever given.  The space agency has provided funding since 2009 for climate change education programs and for the SPACE exhibit, which premiered in 2015 before embarking on a tour of science centers across the country.

The SEISE project will draw upon NASA’s experts, data, and existing educational programs and online portals to translate its vast storehouse of knowledge and ongoing research into a series of new learning experiences. The learning experiences will include interactive exhibits, Earth and Space toolkits with hands-on activities, videos, and media, and professional development materials for museums and educators.  Changes to the museum’s exhibits won’t happen immediately because this is a long term project, but you can bet that you will see additional programs in the years to come.