Salon services owner exposed himself during massage: Charges

The owner of a salon services business faces several charges after a client alleges he exposed himself during an in-home appointment.

Phillip Eugene Herman, 65, of Blaine, is charged with indecent exposure, exposing genitals while administering a massage and administering a massage without a license.

According to charges, on Aug. 31, 2023, Herman arrived at a client’s St. Paul apartment that had been using his services for around a year.

At around 1:45 pm., he began cutting and blow-drying the client’s hair, but while doing so, Herman was allegedly told he was, "excessively rubbing his crotch" against the victim’s body.

Herman responded that he had to do so "due to her large size," according to charges.

Court documents allege Herman then went to the bathroom, and "returned without flushing the toilet or using the sink." Upon returning from the bathroom, he offered a shoulder massage, which she agreed to.

During the massage, she noticed that Herman "went from using two hands to one hand" while she also heard noises and heavy breathing, charges state. At that point, she turned around to find Herman nude, as he attempted to cover himself and ultimately went to the bathroom.

Charges say he then returned from the bathroom clothed and asked her not to report him to police.

According to the victim, Herman said he had "done similar things in the past and didn't think it was an issue."

On Sept. 20, 2023, police spoke with Herman, who allegedly said over the phone that he didn't think he did anything that was not consensual. 

During an in-person conversation with police the following day, Herman allegedly said he disrobed to avoid getting oil on his clothes, and that it was the third time he had provided a massage to the client nude.

Charges say he initially charged for the massages but then started offering them free of charge, but later said that he had asked her to pay for his parking, which constitutes an exchange of money for services.

In later discussions with police, the victim stated she never consented to such massages.