Rudy Farias: Community activist Quanell X shares details of Farias's disappearance

Local activist Quanell X provided details on the missing Houston man Rudy Farias, who was last seen eight years ago, he says was told to him by Farias himself.

On Wednesday, Quanell X spoke to the media about Rudy Farias who went missing when he was 18 on March 6, 2015, but was found on June 29 by authorities after a Good Samaritan found him unresponsive outside a church and called 911. He says he was present when authorities were questioning the man.

According to X, Farias mother would hide him in the house when investigators would come to the home. 

Farias reportedly told X he initially ran away because he was tired of her not respecting his personal boundaries and he was tired of living like a slave.

BACKGROUND: Rudy Farias found more than 8 years after reported missing

"He said that she made him play daddy. He said that she that he didn't like getting into bed with him. That he could try to sneak out of the bed and sometimes hide under the bed, but she told him he had to be her husband," X stated.

He says Farias told him he was forced to sleep in the bed with no clothes on. 

"This is sick," he said.

In the statement, X says the mother would provide serious drugs to Farias and would lock him in a room. She convinced him when he initially disappeared but returned home, he would get in trouble for running away and law enforcement would arrest him, so he had to be in hiding.

Though he had been missing for eight years, Farias would be taken to work by the mother to do her own job for her and see neighbors, says X.


"He was allowed to visit with some of the neighbors under an assumed name. She believed that after so many years, people have forgotten about the case and that under an assumed name, and convinced him to use that name, nobody would put two and two together," he said. "Never told anybody what was going on."

During the conference, X said Farias even had scars over his body. 

"No child should ever be treated like that by your own mother," he said.

Houston authorities are still currently investigating these allegations. As of this writing, no charges have been brought forth for Farias's mother.