Roof collapses at Miller Hill Mall in Duluth

A roof collapsed at the Miller Hill Mall in Duluth Tuesday morning. 

City officials said around 9 a.m. a roof collapsed near the Applebee’s restaurant in the mall. No one was injured. 

Officials did not say what may have caused the roof to cave in, though photos show a large amount of snow on the collapsed roof.

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Drone footage of roof collapse at Miller Hill Mall (Credit AJ Miller)

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People inside the mall were evacuated, and the public is asked to stay away from the area. The mall is currently closed.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Miller Hill Mall said: 

"We are grateful there were no injuries as result of a portion of the roof collapsing and for the swift response of first responders. Miller Hill Mall is closed today and we will share an update on our website when the property is reopened."

Duluth has received 116.4 inches of snow this winter, including more than a foot of snow over the weekend. The city is 19.1 inches away from breaking the record for the snowiest winter in Duluth since 1885, the National Weather Service in Duluth said on Monday.

Duluth is also asking residents to keep gas meters, furnaces, boilers, and dryer vents clear after all the snow and ice this season. The city says doing this "preventative action will help residents and property owners avoid unscheduled gas outages or unintended gas releases and keep gas appliances functioning properly."

This alert comes after officials in South Dakota asked residents to ensure snow isn't covering gas meters following two house explosions.