Rolling droid brings MSP Airport passengers to-go food orders

Named Gita, this rolling droid follows an AtYourGate staff member to deliver to-go food orders to MSP travelers. (Metropolitan Airports Commission)

A rolling droid is helping bring MSP Airport travelers to-go food orders.

Gita is the name of the droid that is helping connect passengers to their food through the airport’s AtYourGate program.

Eric Johnson, of the Metropolitan Airports Commission, called the droid "fun and whimsical," but said the robot also helps customers avoid lines for food and drink service in Terminal 1.

The robot finds its customer by following an AtYourGate staff member to its destination in Terminal 1. Gita can carry an order of up to 40 pounds in its cargo bin.

MSP is the fourth airport to use a delivery droid. The airport opened MSP ASAP in partnership with AtYourGate in November 2020. 16 food and drink venues can deliver using the program.