Rollin' Twins win 2019 Wheelchair Softball World Series

The Rollin' Twins won the Wheelchair World Series of 2019. (FOX 9)

With a lot of eyes on the Twins, there's a group of players who understand all the excitement and nerves surrounding the games. That’s because they, too, had to come from behind to win the 2019 Wheelchair Softball World Series.

The win made the Rollin’ Twins go viral.

“Being confident enough to know that we were going to make the finals, it was ‘are we going to win this year?’” player Brian Chavez said.

Up against a team from Chicago, the Rollin’ Twins were facing elimination. 

“We played Rollin Twins softball, and came out on top of that second game,” player Manny Guerra said. 

The Minnesota Rollin’ Twins won the 2019 Wheelchair Softball World Series through the power of their play and the power of their camaraderie. 

“We’re all on the same team, we’re united. We work together,” player Jackson Larson said.

It’s a sentiment they’re now extending to the team that’s up against a similar challenge in the postseason. 

“Have grit, have each other’s back,” Jackson said.

The Rollin Twins are saying “thank you” after they were invited to Target Field in honor of the team’s accomplishment. 

“To have some recognition come not only from the community, but from the Twins was a humbling experience enough…it was just being able to be known that we’re still athletes, to be looked at as an athlete, not just someone with a disability,” Brian said.

It’s an honor they said would be reciprocated if the Minnesota Twins came out on top and beat the Yankees. 

“We’ll give ‘em the whole dog and pony show. We don’t have any lights or anything, so we couldn’t do it at night, but we would certainly give them a red carpet treatment,” Manny said.