Roger Goodell chimes in on Super Bowl, Vikings season

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell delivered his own state of the union for the league Wednesday, ahead of the Super Bowl.    

“The Super Bowl is back in Minnesota for the first time in 26 years,” Goodell said.

The NFL commissioner played his own part in getting the Super Bowl here, lobbying the state legislature in person to push for a new Vikings stadium – by-and-large promising if it was built, it would host the game.

On Wednesday, he thanked all those who “built with the community a tremendous stadium that we look forward to showing off to the world on Sunday night.”

But it was a Sunday night a few weeks ago when the miracle happened against the Saints led to hopes of being the first team to play in their home Super Bowl.

“This is a difficult subject for a lot of Vikings fans and I have one at home, my daughter,” Goodell said.

Goodell knows the glee felt that night because he was there. He said those exact experiences are what makes the NFL what it is

“We sat in the stands with my family, and it was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had with my family. The game was spectacular,” he said.

But, Goodell praised the Eagles from going from worst in the league to the top seed in the NFC and praised the Patriots for finding ways to stay dominant.

He also said the mix of Super Bowl newcomers and big game veterans keeps it interesting.

“We’re proud of the two teams we have here; they were the number one seeds. They deserve to be here, and that’s how the game is played.”