Rock salt, not meth, in baseball cards bought at Minnesota Goodwill

A seven-year-old boy found a baggie of what police suspected to be crystal meth after buying baseball cards at Goodwill in Apple Valley, Minnesota this week.

UPDATE: Apple Valley Police confirmed to Fox 9 that tests on the crystals determined it is not meth or another controlled substance. They believe the crystals may be rock salt or some other home remedy to keep moisture out of the cards. 

The seven-year-old's mother bought him a plastic bag of football and baseball cards at the Goodwill store in Apple Valley Wednesday afternoon.

When he opened the bag on their way home, the boy found another smaller baggie inside filled with what his family believed was crystal meth mixed in with the cards.

"My concern was what if my grandson said, ‘Oh look at this candy’ and put it in his mouth and he didn't know," said Penny Breth, the boy's grandmother.

Breth says her daughter contacted Apple Valley Police, who initially suspected the clear rocks in the baggie were less than a gram of crystal meth.

Officers stopped by the store where the manager told them they had no way to track down who donated the cards or when.

"It’s great to be thrifty,” said Captain Nick Francis of the Apple Valley Police Department. “It’s great to save money and re-use, but if a kid is going to handle that - for a parent just to make sure they inspect it prior to giving it to that child."

In a statement, Goodwill Easter Seals Minnesota said, "We process thousands of items every day and work with law enforcement when needed to ensure both customer and donor safety."