Rock climbers tackle Minnesota cliffs in subzero temps

When the temperature goes down, there are some who go up. Ben Smith was one of several people climbing an old quarry cliff in Sandstone's Robinson Park on one of the coldest winter days yet.

“Climbing is such a pure activity,” Smith told Fox 9. “Can't really explain it. It's just great.”

He came here from Milwaukee to climb for four straight days -- “It's good. You eat a lot of warm food, wear warm clothes.”

The climbers also had the help of some fires to stay warm. And when all else failed, their cars too. But for most of seven hours on Sunday, Ben and others stayed outside.

Why you ask? They don't really know either.

“It’s a really strange hobby. It kind of boggles my mind why we do this, but something we gotta do,” Smith said.

And if you take the "coldest day yet" variable out of the equation, there is a pretty good answer.

“I just love climbing,” Smith said. “I love climbing rocks in the summer. When it's too cold and we can't go anywhere, this is what we do.”