Reverse mortgage victim from Minneapolis to testify against Trump's Treasury pick Mnuchin

An 84-year-old Minneapolis woman who nearly found herself kicked out of her home is expected to testify against President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin. WATCH LIVE

Mnuchin, 53, was Trump’s campaign finance chairman. The former Goldman Sachs banker bought Financial Freedom, which was involved in giving Colleen Hodroff and her husband a reverse mortgage. But Colleen was left off the reverse mortgage, so when her husband died, Financial Freedom wanted her home. This predatory practice is known as "widow foreclosures."

Colleen Hodroff’s story came to light after a Fox 9 investigation. A California property rights group saw the Fox 9 story and sent it to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who flew Hodroff to Washington for Thursday’s hearing.

FOX 9 INVESTIGATORS – Reversal of fortune