Residents reject filming of HBO TV pilot 'Mogadishu, Minnesota'

HBO will no longer be allowed to film at an apartment building on South Sixth Street in Minneapolis for a television pilot, after the building’s resident council unanimously voted against filming, according to the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority.

HBO producers reached out the MPHA to film at the Cedar Highrise development, specifically at 1627 South Sixth Street for a television pilot called “Mogadishu, Minnesota.”

On September 28, the MPHA Board of Commissioners passed a motion for staff to move forward with contract negotiations with HBO for filming the pilot. The motion, however, required two conditions. The building’s resident council would also have to give approval and the money earned by the MPHA for filming would go to the community that lived in the building.

On Wednesday afternoon, the building’s resident council and other residents from the apartment complex gathered to hear from both HBO representatives and a group opposing the filming. MPHA officials say there is a large East African population in the apartment complex.

After the meeting, residents from 1627 South Sixth Street returned to their building for a private discussion and vote by secret ballot. The resident council made up of 51 people unanimously rejected HBO’s request to film in their building. The vote means “that filming cannot go forward utilizing MPHA facilities.”

The press release stated “The MPHA respects the decision of the resident council, who voted unanimously against filming.”

HBO producers released the following statement regarding the outcome of the vote:

“We always want to work in concert with the community. We will respect the wishes of the Cedars’ tenants and will not be filming there.”