Residents in north Minneapolis unite to clean up damage from protests

Residents gathered Friday morning to help cleanup north Minneapolis after the Floyd protests. (FOX 9)

After days of unrest, looting and destruction in the Twin Cities metro, the cleanup along West Broadway in north Minneapolis is underway.

“I love Minneapolis and to see it this way hurts,” said Rasheda Jenkins, a resident. “So the best I can do with my family is to help clean up.”

For Rasheda Jenkins, helping out is a source of emotional release amid growing protests over the death of George Floyd.

“I had to channel it somewhere,” she said. “I’m angry, I’m upset and hurt. I’m disgusted.”

Joining Jenkins and her two children were dozens of others, who also felt compelled to lend a hand. 

“I’m in this turmoil and I feel that I’m obligated to do something,” said Melik Tolbert, who helped with cleanup. “And I don’t want to loot, I want to love my neighborhood, and I want to be appreciative of what we’re supposed to have.”

Residents say seeing the broken glass and burned out structures is heartbreaking.

“I feel like tearing up our community isn’t a good idea at all because we live here, who has to deal with this? It’s us,” said Araya, a resident.

A community is united, working to pick up the pieces.

“I’m going to still be out here, hoping for the best for people that I love,” said Tolbert.

“The Heavenly Father has called on us to be a light in our neighborhood and this is our way of shinning our light,” said Jenkins.