Report: Biden energy official out at DOE after luggage theft charge at MSP

The Biden nuclear energy official charged with stealing luggage at MSP Airport earlier this year is no longer with the U.S. Department of Energy, a spokesperson says.

Speaking with Fox News, the spokesperson says Department of Energy deputy assistant secretary Sam Brinton is no longer with the agency – but would not confirm under what terms Brinton left the department.

The job change comes after reports that Brinton is accused of stealing luggage in a second incident, this time in Las Vegas.

Sam Brinton is a senior nuclear energy official within the Department of Energy. (Department of Energy)

In charges filed in October, police said Brinton was spotted on security video stealing luggage at MSP Airport. Investigators said Brinton took a Vera Bradley roller bag worth $2,325 from a luggage carousel and was later spotted using it on two separate occasions at the airport.

When contacted by police, the criminal complaint says Brinton initially denied taking the baggage before calling investigators back two hours later and copping to taking the bag.

Brinton was charged with theft in Minnesota. In Las Vegas, Brinton was reportedly charged with grand larceny for stealing a bag worth, including its contents, $3,600.