Rep. Angie Craig attack: Man indicted on federal charges

Rep. Angie Craig, D-Minn., participates in the news conference outside the Capitol on the on the Affordable Insulin Now Act vote in the House of Representatives on Thursday, March 31, 2022. (Getty Images)

A man has been indicted on a federal charge of assault of a member of Congress for attacking Minnesota Rep. Angie Craig in Washington, D.C. last month.

The indictment against Kendrid Khalil Hamlin came down on Thursday. He is also facing two counts of assault on a law enforcement officer along with the charge for the Craig attack.

Hamlin was arrested by Washington D.C. police just days after the attack at Craig's apartment on February 9, 2023. Craig told officers she had just gotten coffee in the lobby of the apartment building when she noticed Hamlin, who she didn't recognize, pacing in the lobby. Craig said "good morning" to him and walked to a service elevator. Hamlin stuck his arm through the elevator door to prevent it from closing and stepped inside.

According to the charges, Hamlin told Craig he needed to use the bathroom and he was going to her apartment. Craig responded by telling him he couldn't use her apartment.

The charges state that Hamlin got upset and prevented Craig from leaving the elevator while hitting buttons on the keypad. The complaint states, when Craig tried to move pass him, Hamlin punched her on the chin with a closed fist. Hamlin then allegedly grabbed Craig from behind to prevent her from touching the elevator keypad.

Craig was able to get free when she threw her hot coffee over her shoulder onto Hamlin. After escaping the elevator, Craig yelled for help. Hamlin then ran down the stairs to exit the building.

As a result of the attack, Craig suffered bruises, bleeding on her lip, and obviously pain, the charges detail.

Police arrested Hamlin about ten hours after the attack after an officer noticed a man matching the description of the attacker just a few blocks away from the apartment.