Regulators warn Amazon-sold replacement batteries for Dyson vacuums linked to fires

Safety regulators warned consumers to immediately stop using certain lithium-ion replacement battery packs in Dyson vacuums that have been linked to three reported fires.

Zautnkn.Inc lithium-ion replacement battery packs, which are sold on Amazon, pose a risk of fire to consumers, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). 

The battery packs are not compliant with UL 1642, which means the performance and safety of the product have "not been verified to meet national safety standards," according to regulators. 

The battery packs are manufactured in China and are not a Dyson or Dyson-authorized product, although they are described online as replacements for the cordless V6 Dyson vacuum cleaners. 

Dyson doesn't recommend using any third-party batteries in its products due to potential safety concerns.

Safety regulators warned that there have already been reports of three fires. There was also one report of smoke inhalation associated with the battery packs, the CPSC said.  

The CPSC said consumers who have purchased the product should dispose of it according to local ordinances or regulations. 

"Never throw lithium batteries into the trash or general recycling," the notice read. "Instead, take them to your local battery recycler or hazardous waste collection center." 

The CPSC further noted that the manufacturer hasn't recalled these battery packs and has not offered a remedy to consumers.