Reeling in early records, four fishing records fall while applications surge

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It’s already a record-breaking season on Minnesota waters.

The Department of Natural Resources has seen a spike in its state record fish program. There have already been four record-setting fish caught this season.

Normally this time of year, the DNR receives about two to three record applications, but this year officials have already received at least eight.

“This is by far the wildest, craziest spring we’ve ever had. We’ve never had so many record submissions and so much interest in such a short span of time,” said Mike Kurre, state record fish program coordinator. "They’re all impressive catches and show interest in the program is growing and that there are some huge fish out there in Minnesota.”

In Minnesota, two types of state records are identified - one for reeling in and claiming the biggest fish measured by weight and the other on length of the fish caught and released.

The new records this year include: 5-pound 4-ounce shortnose gar caught by Cayden Hutmacher, two 70-inch lake sturgeons caught by Tim Deiman and Mark Minnick, and a 4-pound 7-ounce golden redhorse caught by Mathew Williams.

Officials advise anglers to read up on fishing guidelines and make sure they have accurate photo evidence for when they go through the submission process.

For more information, you can visit the DNR website.