Record number of voters registered online Friday


Over the last week, nearly 47,000 people registered online to vote, according to a Secretary of State news release.

This is the largest turnout since the registration system was launched in September of 2013. Tuesday has been declared “Voter Registration Day” in Minnesota.

Friday marked the busiest day of registration with nearly 27,000 people taking advantage of the online system.

The Secretary of State’s office attributes this turnout to three new efforts, including the beginning of no excuses absentee voting. This means that people may vote before Election Day by absentee ballot without providing a reason. People can vote by mail, or they can vote in person beginning 46 days before the election.

Additionally, Facebook launched a new tool reminding users to register to vote. This, combined with Monday’s debate, is also considered to have contributed to the turnout.

The previous single-day record was 7,602 online voter registrations on March 1, 2016.

Tuesday morning, on Voter Registration Day in Minnesota, Secretary of State Steve Simon will visit South High School in Minneapolis to speak with students about the importance of voting and civic engagement. He will speak to a government and economics class and meet with student election judges. In the afternoon, he will speak at Voterpalooza at the University of Minnesota.