Record highs are smashed across the central US Friday

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In an unprecedented wave, temperatures soared in the central part of the country Friday to a level never seen before in the month of February in some locations.  While the metro came up just shy of a record high, many cities in southwest Minnesota hit daily record highs in the 50s and even some low 60s.  This is in part because the snow has completely melted in many of these areas.  While it was unseasonably mild in parts of Minnesota, it was HOT in other parts of the central US.  Dozens of records fell from western Nebraska down to Texas and westward in to Arizona where temperatures peaked in the 90s… even too warm for them this time of year.  In fact, it was the warmest February day EVER in Denver where the temperature hit 80°.  Several other monthly record highs fell in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico.  In all, nearly 100 record highs were breached Friday making it the first true heat wave of the year.