RANKED: Top 8 foods coming to Super Bowl LII

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Fox 9 checked out some of the new and returning foods Super Bowl attendees can enjoy at U.S. Bank Stadium. Of the 35 special food items and two specialty cocktails, here are our favorites.

1. Sota Dog - Introduced by Minnesota-owned Prairie Dogs just for SB52, the Sota Dog is the perfect combination of football and our home state. The Vienna all beef dog is topped with tater tots, chive sour cream and paprika on a poppy-seed bun.

2. Blue Moon Bacon Cheese Curds - Introduced by Curds N Cakes, the big cheese curds put a unique twist on a local staple.

3. Creamy Frozen Hot Chocolate - Introduced by Andrew Zimmern, the frozen hot chocolate is a rich chocolate treat with a light crunch on top. 

4.New England Clam Roll - Designed as the staple sandwich for the New England Patriots, the clam roll features kettle chip crusted fried clams, house tarter sauce, shredded lettuce on a griddled roll.

5. South Philly Roast Pork Sandwich - Designed as the staple sandwich for the Philadelphia Eagles, the sandwich features Italian roast pork, sauteed broccoli rabe with sharp provolone on a hoagie roll.

6. Mac N Cheese - One of the regulars at U.S. Bank Stadium, the Mac N Cheese features chipotle chicken, three cheeses (goat, boursin with herb and white American), Flamin' Hot Cheetos and Cool Ranch Doritos.

7. Ike's Roadhouse Sandwich - Ike's Foods & Cocktails offers their signature rubbed Sirloin, carmelized onions and horseradish cream on an onion bun.

8. Espresso ALA Mode - Introduced by Bubble Waffle specifically for the Super Bowl, the treat features French vanilla ice cream, chocolate shavings, mini marshmallows and espresso sauce.