Ramp from I-394 to I-94 to close late Sunday

The ramp from eastbound I-394 to I-94 is responsible for one of the most notorious backups in the Twin Cities. But it could soon cause more headaches for motorists trying to get from the west metro to the rest of the area.

There's nothing like taking the kids for a stroll through the neighborhood. But Marianna Como is concerned how her other set of wheels will get from Bryn Mawr to the rest of the city.

"We use it every single day," Como said. "It's already been a hard trip because it's already down to one lane and backed up to St. Louis Park, but if it's a 15-mile detour, I'm not exactly sure what we're going to do with ourselves."

MnDOT is closing the ramp for two weeks on Sunday as part of a repaving project.

The closure will send 23,000 cars a day on a 15 mile-detour or into downtown where the streets are already clogged.

"It's impossible to get anywhere out of this neighborhood, out of the west side of downtown," said Bryn Mawr resident Tomme Beevas. "So it's kind of crazy now we're stuck and we have to figure out another alternative route on top of the many other alternative routes."

The designated detour of 394 to Highway 100 to Crosstown to 35W could put extra strain on Highway 100, which is already filled with extra vehicles from the closure of 169 and the rerouting of truck traffic because of work being done in the Lowry Tunnel.

"I've had so many detours that the detours had detours," said Dara Beevas. "You know what I'm saying. It's Minnesota summer construction season, oh my god."

Even though Como and her family love their neighborhood, they don't want to feel trapped there for two weeks.

"Way too much," said Como. "Spread it out over five years and maybe we could deal with it, but all in one summer? It really doesn't seem quite fair."