Rain doesn't dampen excitement for The 1975 fans camped outside the Armory

Outside The Armory in downtown Minneapolis, some hearty souls are braving the elements to see their favorite band.

About 2 dozen fans are camping out to be the first in line to see The 1975 on Wednesday night, but they are also getting a front-row seat to some wet weather.

"It's gorgeous. Are you kidding me? My favorite kind of weather. Wet, damp, and cold. Delicious. I love it," said one of those fans, Iwani Siwawa.

While our latest winter storm dumped snow in parts of Minnesota, it brought mostly rain in the metro.

MnDOT says there's not much it can do in the Twin Cities because the rain will wash away any pre-treatment chemicals, but as always ramps, bridges, and overpasses could have slick spots.

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"I would rather have snow. I think the rain is worse because you get all soaking wet, and then you have to keep buying new gloves," said The 1975 fan Sierra Weldon.

The rain is just the opening act for snow and colder temperatures by the end of the week.

"Lots of Hot Hands. Lots of Hot Hands. Just knowing we'll get wristbands tomorrow morning is the only thing you can think of to try to stay warm," said The 1975 fan Cara Westmoreland.

But when it comes to mid-December in Minnesota, old man winter will always take center stage.

"I think it will be worth it. I will have, if anything, too many stories to tell friends and family for years to come with this camping, and I'm just excited," said Siwawa.