Questions remain after federal authorities dismiss charges in ‘carjacking’ case

An alleged carjacking victim who reported being kidnapped and tortured for money in Minneapolis has changed his story, raising questions about the ongoing court case against the alleged criminal ring leader.

FOX 9 initially reported on the scary incident in March. At that time, the man told authorities he was carjacked in downtown Minneapolis after experiencing car trouble.

The suspects allegedly forced him back into his vehicle and drove him to the abandoned Speedway Gas Station at George Floyd Square, 38th and Chicago Avenue, in south Minneapolis.

That is where the alleged victim claimed he was held against his will overnight and beaten for money and access to his ATM card before making a wild dash to safety at the Cup Foods across the street.

The case prompted the Hennepin County Attorney’s office to put out a bulletin, touting state charges against Desmond Graham, including the shocking development that one of the alleged suspects, Larry Mosby died from an apparent drug overdose and was set on fire during the ordeal.

Federal prosecutors took over the case against Graham. But at a recent hearing, an FBI Special Agent reported the victim had changed his story during a follow-up interview with investigators.

The man now reports, there was no carjacking, that he was drinking willingly with Graham in downtown Minneapolis that night, and he drove to the Speedway to party.

According to a transcript from the hearing obtained by FOX 9, Special Agent Christopher Langert testified, "He stated that he, in fact, drove himself to downtown Minneapolis in his car where he met subject 2 (Graham). And it was - he, on purpose, willfully drove subject 2 (Graham) to the abandoned Speedway, believing it would be an after-party."

The defense has alleged the victim is a drug dealer who provided the lethal drugs.

The U.S. Attorney’s office has since dismissed the case in federal court, writing the charges would be better handled at the state level.

In a statement released to FOX 9, the Hennepin County Attorney's Office said, "Our office is prosecuting this case. With it being an active case, we cannot comment as it could interfere with the ongoing investigation. At this time, Mr. Graham is scheduled to make his next court appearance Sept. 19."

In a written statement, Graham’s state court defense attorney, Bryan Leary stated, "The allegations made against Mr. Graham are as imaginative as they are unsupported, and Mr. Graham is eager to see that the true facts are established in court."