Quarantine means no bowling for birthday boy; friends surprise 6-year-old anyway

All six-year-old Jonah Pulido wanted to do for his birthday was to have a bowling party.

But his rite of passage on Wednesday happened to come during an unprecedented global pandemic and corresponding shelter-in-place order forcing people not to leave their homes unless it is essential.

As his mother, Roxanne Ramos of San Bruno tells it, she and her husband have been telling their Portola Elementary School kindergartener that he couldn't have his party, and why it was important to stay indoors.

"He's been super bummed and sad about not being able to go to school or celebrate his birthday with his friends and family," Ramos said.


Jonah Pulido of San Bruno

She said the family initially set up a Zoom meeting so that everyone could sing happy birthday to him. But she said their friends and family decided they would drive to to their home and sing to him from their cars in the parking lot.

About 20 people showed up. They all belted out "happy birthday" as he listened to their well wishes from his balcony. 

"When he saw how much love they all had for him on his birthday, he cried tears of happiness afterwards," his mom said. "They are simply amazing people and definitely lifted his spirits."

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